In the news: Mažeikiai district municipality – participating in the project “Circular-based waste management”

Mažeikiai based newspaper Santarvė writes about Mažeikiai District Municipality’s participation in our project. The newspaper reports how together with the Telšiai Region Waste Management Center the two partners will seek to improve collection and sorting of household waste and collection of bulky waste and unused items in Mažeikiai District and Telšiai Region.

Residents of Mažeikiai have expressed the need for a collection system that deals with large-scale waste, such as obsolete furniture and construction materials.

With the funds from the project “Circular Based Waste Management” technical documentation and detailed drawings (project) will be put in place for a centre that would ease the situation for the residents of Mažeikiai city and district: there would be no unused items left near the household waste containers, and the total amount of waste would decrease.

The idea for such a centre comes from examples from Scandinavian countries, where these issues are addressed by setting up specialized sites or centers where residents get rid of items they no longer need or various bulky waste. Such centers have premises where items in better conditions are stored and repaired. Residents who need those items can continue to purchase and use them.

The project will focus on gaining knowledge of waste management technologies and best practices from other countries. Following form that, efforts will be made to improve the attitude of the public, municipal employees, and representatives of companies in the waste management sector in our region about sustainable waste management.

The European Union is focusing on applying circular economy principles reducing environmental pollution, and reducing the amount of gas generated during recycling. This area will be a priority in the new EU financial period of 2021-2027 and there will be an opportunity to raise funds for the city’s clean-up.

“We want to take the specialists of the Municipality and the Telšiai Regional Waste Management Center to see what can be done with the same amount of money, but with a different approach and more efficient organizational things. I very much hope that we will be able to involve the district society and youth in the project. Together, we can achieve a positive force in the field of waste management, reduce the amount of waste produced, ”said Virgilijus Radvilas, adviser to the mayor of Mažeikiai district municipality and manager of the project.

The original article can be found here.

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