Interim Partner Conference

Our interim partner conference took place last week in a hybrid format merging the physical and digital space, with project partners and team members joining online and traveling to Norway for the first time!

Members from Mažeikiai Municipality and Telšiai Regional Waste Management Center, Lithuania, Paide Town Government in Estonia and Sumy City Council, were hosted by the expert partner Green Business Norway.

Partners expressed their enthusiasm on being part of this project and the prospects it carries for their municipalities in learning and applying circular based waste management practices. They also expressed determination in carrying out the project to create the most valuable outcome, despite the challenges of the current circumstances globally.

During the conference, partners presented their experiences and activities in the project so far as well as planned activities and ambitions for the remainder of its duration. These were followed by a lively exchange of ideas on topics and activities that can be run collaboratively among partners enhancing cooperation.

Ambitions for the project include the increase of awareness on circular waste management issues, improve on the technologies and practices used and sharing of competence and knowledge as well as implementing of best practices locally.

To reach these ambitions, partners have set a series of activities, many of which in collaboration with each other. These include:

  • Feasibility studies and development of concepts for handling household and municipal waste
  • Activities to build the competence of municipal representatives on the topic, such as workshops and seminars
  • Raising awareness of the population on the problems and solutions to local waste issues
  • Establishing pilot projects to test technologies
  • Organising creative competitions to engage the public, particularly youth
  • Creation of animations / videos and promotion through social media

In addition to the above, presentations were made on additional support by the expert partner and suggestions for study tours and visits, relevant to the lead and beneficial partners. Administrative aspects of the project were discussed as well as expected outcomes and the metrics to be used.

As the project continues, news of the activities taking place will continue to be posted on the project social media and website. For any enquiries, please contact us here or follow the project on our social media here and here.

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