Mažeikiai Municipality CBWM project Information meeting

Stakeholders from our Lithuanian partners in Mažeikiai and Telšiai, including Mažeikiai Utility Farm, Telšiai Regional Waste Management Center and other local partners met on 30th September and were updated on the activities of the Circular Based Waste Management project by our partner representative from Mažeikiai, Mr. Virgilijus Radvilas.

The presentation highlighted the desired outcome of the project for Mažeikiai: to disseminate information about the importance of circular economy principles in waste management and to prepare a feasibility study and technical project for a modern center for collecting, sorting, partial repairs and / or preparing finished items for secondary use by applying the best examples from other countries.

Mr. Radvilas further offered an overview of activities held so far in the project, including the public survey, webinars, regular meetings creative competition and the creation and maintenance of partnerships locally.

The presentation also highlighted lessons learned from the various organisations visited during the study tour held in Norway in September.

Participants in the meeting expressed their agreement and confirmed that Mažeikiai’s target for the project is relevant and needed for the city and expressed further interest and offered support for participation in future visits and events organised by the project.

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