Study tour on best practices in organic waste management

On Tuesday, October 26, representatives of Mažeikiai District Municipality visited Tvari Energija a company belonging to the Green Genius group that works in biodegradable waste management. The acquaintance with the company took place under the Circular Based Waste Management project, which aims to optimize waste management in Mažeikiai district.

The purpose of the tour was to learn about good practices by Green Genius in the organization of food and organic waste collection and usage according to circular economy principles.

The study tour was organized by the Environmental Protection Institute, that is implementing the project “I care about tomorrow” and is a partner of Mažeikiai municipality. Representatives of Mažeikiai, Plungė and Rietavas municipalities and UAB Telšiai Regional Waste Management Center were invited to become acquainted with the company which is based in Vievis, Lithuania.

Eight people participated from our partner Mažeikiai, including vice Mayor Rūta Matulaitienė and specialists on environmental issues.

Tvari Energija collects and recycles organic waste from farmers, food processing companies and supermarkets. Processing of this waste is carried out with the help of bacteria and is used to produce biogas, electricity and heat. The remaining organic matter is used as an organic fertilizer in agriculture. The operation of a biogas plant is a great example of a circular economy, as waste is not emitted but used to develop new products.

During the meeting with the company’s employees, technological processes and operational efficiency were demonstrated, and possible use of services or experience in municipalities was discussed.

Rūta Matulaitienė, Vice Mayor of Mazeikiai Municipality, said “The sustainable approach Tvari Energija on waste management is an inspiring example in shaping a modern approach to the use of secondary raw materials in our district”.

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