Minister of Environment visits Mažeikiai

On Tuesday, 8th March, the Minister of Environment Mr. Simonas Gentvilas visited Mažeikiai District Municipality to meet with leaders and specialists of the municipality and discuss waste management and sorting, renovation of apartment buildings and other environmental topics relevant for Mažeikiai district.

Representatives of the municipality presented environmental projects and problems in the district. Among the projects presented, was the Circular Based Waste Management project comprising of partners from Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Norway and where Mažeikiai District Municipality holds the role of Lead partner.

Mr. Virgilijus Radvilas, advisor to the Mayor, who presented the project to the Minister, informed that Mažeikiai District Municipality together with the Telšiai Region Waste Management Center are seeking to improve the collection and sorting of household waste in Mažeikiai District and Telšiai Region. He also presented the possibility of installing a modern center for the collection, sorting, partial repair and repurposing of obsolete items for secondary use in Mažeikiai.

The Minister was informed of a tender planned to be announced in the summer for the preparation of a technical design, with the aim of having the technical documentation at a similar time next year.

We believe that we are on the right track and we hope to solve the secondary use of obsolete items. Of course, we are not re-inventing the bicycle, we are using the experience from other countries”, said the mayor’s adviser.

The people of Mažeikiai have expressed that they would like a centre where waste would be recycled and repaired or repurposed and given another life to be built in the area.

Jobs would also be created, giving students a closer look at the process, and at the same time raising awareness of the importance of sorting. However, such an idea would require around €20M.

The Minister Mr. S. Gentvilas praised the municipality for the initiative and was impressed by how advanced the proposed waste sorting infrastructure in Mažeikiai will be. He further offered advice on what to do to obtain funding to implement their ideas.

The meeting with the Minister was attended by the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality Ms. Rūta Matulaitienė, the Member of the Seimas (Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania) Ms. Laima Nagienė, advisers to the Mayor Ms. Milda Šukienė and Mr. Virgilijus Radvilas, the Director of the Municipal Administration Mr. Saulius Šiurys, the Deputy Director Mr. Eimantas Salatka also was participating the Head of the Telšiai Regional Waste Management Center Mr. Vidimantas Domarkas and others.

You can read the article by Santarve newspaper here and on the website of Mažeikiai District Municapality here.

You can read the article on the website of Mažeikiai District Municipality here and download a copy of the full article from Santarvé newspaper here.

The Circular Based Waste Management project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation

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