The project’s approach is to employ feasibility/concept studies, training and education and technique piloting for capacity building and practice exchange in the areas of environmental innovations. The direct target groups and the end beneficiaries of the project shall be the municipal administrations, local population and regional waste management centres. Indirectly the beneficiaries are also national environmental policy makers, other municipal governments and national population.

The project carries the transnational added value in providing:

Capacity building in regions with different environmental and circular economy development pathways

Knowledge transfer into and between the policy makers with different traditions seeking the common European waste management targets

Contributing to direct and indirect training to the policy makers, public servants and population by adopting hands-on solutions and pilot projects

Contributing to the youth and broader population environmental
awareness building

Development of concepts and solutions for sustainable environmental management

Strengthening transnational cooperation and experience exchange
among municipalities, waste management bodies, companies and education institutions