This page is dedicated to useful resources such as links to further readings, important works, information and ideas on reusing waste and implementing a circular based waste management and economy.

Updates will continue as the project progresses.

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Circular Economy organisations and further readings

The EU Action Plan

Learn more about the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, one of the main elements in the European Green Deal for sustainable growth.

WE Forum on the Circular Economy

The World Economic Forum recognises that a circular economy can help in the fight against climate change. Check their article on how this is possible.

The Ellen McArthur Foundation

The Ellen McArthur Foundation is a charity aiming to help create a circular economy.Check their website for resources and learning material on the topic.


LOOP is Norway’s recycling foundation that develops communication tools and services with the aim of putting a circular economy into practice.

The origins of Circular Economy

Get a brief overview on the origins of the Circular Economy in this brief interview with Dr. Walter R. Stahel.