JSC Telšiai region waste management center

In December 30, 2003 Telšiai, Plungė and Mažeikiai districts and Rietavas municipality established JSC Telšiai region waste management center.

The main function of this company is to implement and operate a regional waste management system covering waste collection, transportation, recycling and disposal in the entire territory administered by the municipalities.

The main objectives of the company:

  1. To improve the efficiency of waste management
  2. To provide adequate and environmentally compliant services in accordance with the laws, regulations and norms of the Republic of Lithuania and international legislation and regulations
  3. To provide waste management services for all residents at an affordable fee
  4. To implement the objectives of the State‘s Strategic Waste Management Plan


JSC Telšiai region waste management center operates the Jerubaičiai landfill and administers local tolls for collecting municipal waste tax in Telšiai region.

There are currently more than 86,000 toll payers who have access to waste management infrastructure. However, improvements are needed in sorting.

 JSC Telšiai region waste management center sees problems with the sorting and recycling of decaying waste and plastic.

Participation in this project and the sharing of good practices are therefore expected to help involve and engage the public in better quality waste sorting and reduce the negative environmental impact of human activities. Outreach activities and companies are expected to combine education and innovative approaches to the circular economy and waste sorting into a fun, energetic and natural part of the household.