Good experiences during the CBWM project conference in Telšiai

On 22nd September the Telšiai Region Waste Management Center (TRATC) held a conference on “Good experiences acquired during the Circular Based Waste Management (CBWM) project and solving issues of waste disposal generated in institutions” at the Porto conference and leisure center in Plungė in the Telšiai region, Lithuania.

The project has been implemented in cooperation with partners from Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Norway, during which, good practices were shared and a more sustainable model for waste management in the Telšiai region has been explored.

The event was attended by specialists of the municipal administrations of the Telšiai region, ecologists and representatives of education and training institutions who were interested in the reports presented.

During the event, reports were presented on the topic of circular waste management, and other issues related to waste management. The importance of managing waste in a manner where it is reused and recycled was highlighted as a means to protect the environment and reduce consumption of natural resources.

The results and conclusions of the feasibility study “Possibilities for the production of high-quality compost and its use” were presented by Rimantas Stašys, professor at Klaipėda University and director of MB Business Data, where an analysis was made of the biodegradable waste management infrastructure of the Telšiai region.

Thor Sverre Minnesjord, Director of Green Business Norway which is a partner in the CBWM project, gave a presentation on good food waste management practices and shared experiences from the Circular Waste Management Project.

Among the speakers on the day was the head of the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Mažeikiai District Municipality Administration Specialist, Ligita Dirzininkienė, who presented the project “Large waste collection site and ReUse centre” prepared by the municipality in the scope of the Circular Based Waste Management project.

The Director of TRATC Vidimantas Domarkas invited representatives of education and training institutions to the discussion. His presentation focused on “The most pressing issues of disposal of unnecessary assets for educational institutions within Plungė, Mažeikiai and Telšiai districts.

The Circular Based Waste Management project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation –

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