Sustainability conference held in Mažeikiai

The event-conference of the Circular Based Waste Management project, “Mažeikiai Towards Sustainability” took place on September 19th at the Mažeikiai cultural centre’s entertainment hall. Current concerns in the circular economy were discussed, as well as information on sustainability and waste management.

The conference was hosted and moderated by actor Leonardas Pobedonoscev. The vice-mayor of Mažeikiai district municipality, Zivilė Undraitienė congratulated the participants and wished them to take away useful information from the conference.

Virginija Vingriene, chief specialist of the waste policy group of the Republic of Lithuania’s Ministry of Environment, discussed the key concepts, trends, difficulties, and prospects of sustainable business in the circular economy. She stressed that the goals of the Ministry of Environment are to develop a deliberate foundation for economic policy and to create the right circumstances for the sustainable use of resources throughout their life cycle.

Vidimantas Domarkas, director of Telšiai Region Waste Management Center, stated that an increasing volume of waste is sorted each year, and he encouraged everyone to think twice before purchasing items and to get rid of unnecessary items before they become unusable. He further announced that biodegradable waste containers will be distributed to individual households next year. The placement of such containers in apartment complex courtyards is also under discussions.

Ligita Dirzininkiene, representing the lead partner of the Circular Based Waste Management project,  outlined the activities that took place during project, achieved targets, and future plans, and the technical project of the circular waste management center which will host a library of things. The goal of the technical project task was to maximize the application of circular waste management principles in the center. The facility will include educational classes for children and young people, and anybody interested will be able attend.

The representative of Econovus, presented the Sustainability Academy, the purpose of which is to share knowledge about sorting and sustainability and encourage the discovery of simple ways to live more environmentally friendly.

Paulius Chockevicius, Director of Urbanbee, offered a presentation on the previously unknown potential of beekeeping in the city by installing beehives atop residential buildings. Such beehives are located on the roofs of the Presidency, Vilnius City Municipality.

Rasa Nabazaite, Lithuania’s sole honey sommelier and co-founder of the ” Užpelkių medus” brand, presented an alternative packaging made from wax. She further described the efforts that have been made to create sustainable packaging using eggshells, onion skins, amber dust, coffee grounds, and wood shavings.

The Circular Based Waste Management project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation –

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