The winners of the “Let’s keep our City clean!” competition have been announced!

Building up over four rounds our “Let’s keep out City clean!” competition came to an end last week!

Children and youth from 4 municipalities from 3 countries submitted their artwork around the theme “Let’s keep our City clean!” competing for prizes locally and for one grand prize.

Over two weeks, the public voted for their favourite drawings and videos, where the ones from each municipality receiving the most votes from each, won a prize.

Voting was accepted until 26th May and today the results were announced publicly for the first time at an awards ceremony held in Mažeikiai Kalnėnai Progymnasium where the winners from Mažeikiai from the last two rounds were presented with their awards.

A panel of judges formed by experts in waste management from Norway selected the final winner for the expert prize. The judges were asked to select the works based on visual impact, originality of concept and relevance to the theme of the competition.

We received many beautiful and creative works and the judges had a lot of great things to say for all of them. For this reason, four more works were awarded an honourable mention and presented with a certificate.

During the awards ceremony, participants were welcomed by Ms. Regina Arbatauskienė, the Headmistress of Mažeikiai Kalnėnai Progymnasium. The event was honoured by the presence of Mr. Vidmantas Macevičius, the Mayor of Mažeikiai District Municipality who said a few words about the works and the importance of taking care of the environment.

The ceremony was also featured on Mazeikiai TV:

Ms. Asta Milėškienė, the chairwoman of the drawing competition panel, an Expert teacher of Arts at Mažeikiai Merkel Račkauskas Gymnasium presented the winners of the municipality round of the drawing competition.

Mr. Virgilijus Radvilas, the chairman of the video competition panel, the Lead Coordinator of our project and advisor to the mayor of Mažeikiai district municipality, presented the winners of the regional round of the video competition.

Partners of the project from Ukraine, Estonia and Norway participated through video call where Mrs. Maritsa Kissamitaki Communications Manager for our project announced the winners voted by the public for the transnational round of the drawing and video competitions. Finally, Mr. Thor Sverre Minnesjord, CEO of Green Business Norway and expert partner in our project presented the final winner and honorary mentions for the expert prize!

The awards ceremony ended with a beautiful dance performance by students of Mažeikiai Kalnėnai Progymnasium.

So… who are the winners? Scroll down to see them all!

Drawing competition public vote winners!

From Sumy Ukraine: Yehor Riabokon

From Paide, Estonia: Leene Martoja

From Mažeikiai, Lithuania: Rusne Puzinaite

Video competition public vote winners!

From Sumy, Ukraine: Danylo Vorona

From Paide, Estonia: Marie-Marleen Jaanof

From Plungė, Lithuania: Ema Rėkašiūtė Šateikių

From Mažeikiai, Lithuania: Monika Pinkauskaite

… and before we reveal the expert prize winner… our honorary mentions!

From Sumy, Ukraine: Iryna Snagoschenko

From Plungė, Lithuania: Samanta Proninaitė

From Mažeikiai, Lithuania: Goda Mockute

From Paide, Estonia: Kätrin Kazlauskas

And… the video that won the expert prize is…

Markus Udam from Paide, Estonia!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Special thanks to everyone participating for the beautiful work, the schools and municipalities involved and our panels of judges!

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