Insect Hotel opens in Mažeikiai

On May 23rd the community of Kalnėnai progymnasium gathered for an extraordinary event not only for the progymnasium, but also the whole municipality of Mažeikiai – the opening of an insect hotel!

The Insect Hotel was designed by progymnasium technology teachers Stasys Pauliukas, Jadvyga Martinkienė and students from 5th to 8th grade: Gabrielius Budrius (5b grade), Raigardas Laureckas (5c grade), Eivė Baltrušaitytė (6b grade), Liutauras Stončius (6b grade), Ridas Valinčius class), Orent Ruseck (class 8d).

Kalnėnai Progymnasium has deep traditions in environmental education and implements ideas of sustainable development from the first grades. Similar past projects include a special educational day held for progymnasium students, under the title “Earth – Insect Planet” that was led by an ecologist, author of environmental projects Žymantas Čekas. In another activity, students and English teachers held an exhibition-competition titled “Pick up and play” from secondary raw materials organized by teachers Edita Piilberg, Jolanta Meirytė-Stugė and Deimantė Lapšienė.

Participants to the Insect Hotel opening were greeted by the Head of the progymnasium Regina Arbatauskienė, adviser to the Mayor Virgilijus Radvilas, Mazeikiai Chief Education Specialist, Culture and Sports Division of the Administration Ligita Diržininkienė, Mažeikiai Head of the Department of Environment and Health Protection Zigmantas Kristutis, teacher of biology at progymnasium Jūratė Fridrikienė, teacher of technology Stasys Pauliukas, representative of the group “Young Naturalists” (head J. Fridrikienė) Goda Mockutė (grade 7a) and pop ensemble “Merry Faces” (head R. Skirmontienė).

The project was financially supported by Mazeikiai District Municipality through the Circular Based Waste Management project.  The Circular Based Waste Management project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation – www.

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